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My Hijab

Lets come to the core of the issue…..

You seem to feel a woman is obligated to be socially agreeable, but only within your personal parameters.

‘The Community’ and ‘Society’ should be able to see and appreciate her.

She must be accepted visually, before she may earn integration any other way.

Aren’t you forgetting her own community?

They see and appreciate her with hijab.

In fact, it identifies her as PART of that community.

Through hijab she gains social integration.

Just, not from you.

You correlate shame with our hijab.

Please, don’t project your shame onto us.

We cover our bodies out of respect for GOD, and because we are too precious and beautiful to be given out freely to anyone who feels like taking a peek.

This takes immense confidence.

Maybe you equate Hijab with oppression in all its worst forms.

You should save your pity.

Hijab is not oppression, it is the antithesis of oppression.

Hijab is humility and submission.

Do you see the difference?

These terms have CHOICE as an integral component.

What this dichotomy often boils down to is:

You are made uncomfortable by the fact that I reject your views on social appropriateness.

I reject your ideals of what makes a person valuable or attractive.

I reject your concept of entitlement to the faces, bodies, and identity of women.

I reject that you or anyone else outside my very close circle have any right to know more of me than I choose.

I reject your priorities and vices.

In place of these, I put my religion.

And THAT is freedom.

I reject your standards in lieu of the ones given to me by God.

Perhaps this makes you uncomfortable.

But really, who do you think I am trying to please?


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