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A Muslim Apology

Im Sorry.
I, As a Muslim, Am so sorry.
Sorry For Daesh.
Sorry for Al Qaida.
I sincerely apologize for Nice.
This is good right?
A little cathartic?
My one year old twin sons send their deepest regrets over the Charlie Hebdo shootings which occurred around the time of their conception.
My husband begs your forgiveness for the 911 attacks on US soil by mostly Saudi nationals which occurred while he worked as an Imam in Namibia.
I am so sorry for the suicide attacks in Medina.
I want to express my deepest shame and regret for the bombing in Baghdad.
I apologize from the bottom of my heart for the staggering death toll on Iraqi soldiers fighting the war on Daesh.

Oh, have I gone off topic?
Have we strayed from the nicely trimmed edges of what you would like to make of all this?




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