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Fearing fear itself

There is one aspect of fear en-mass that never ceases to disturb me: the ability we as human beings have to objectify ‘the other’.
To turn ‘them’ into something so vague and yet dangerous that ‘they’ are no longer deserving of our reason, compassion, or simple human decency.
We are not your enemy.
We ARE speaking out.
We are shouting as loudly as we can, but do you really want to hear us?
Is it convenient for a certain segments agenda that 99.99% of us decry the violence?
Or would you rather ignore us in favor of digging through our cast of filth for your examples?
In a world where it has become so much simpler to let the media and big personalities think for us, I, as a Muslim, and a fellow human, beg you to dig deeper.
To turn your heart back on.
To open yourself to the reality that we are, like you, wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters.
We are husbands, fathers, brothers and sons.
We fear loss, insecurity, strife, just like you.
We are wounded and weary from apologizing for these ‘others’


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