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This seems the only applicable word for my current state of mind.
Maybe it’s the lack of sleep since my twins were born nearly a year ago.
Maybe it’s the prolonged emotional and mental weariness of being asked the same droning questions, questions which should be hypophoric at this point, in such a rhetorical manner.
“Where are the Muslims?”
“Why don’t you people do something?”
“Why aren’t you trying to stop them?”
Whats it like living in an echo chamber all your life?
Who does Daesh kill. Christians? Jews?
Occasionally, yes.
But these killings are almost incidental in comparison to the THOUSANDS of dead Muslims laying in their wake.

What is my point? Its either clear to you already or it isn’t I suppose.
Either you can see beyond the walls of the room you are in, or not.
Thats With God.
I guess my point is: If you are afraid, we have more reason to be so. If you feel threatened, so do we.
We are all in the same boat.
We all fear sinking.
But, you can no more save yourselves by drowning us, than you can use our blood to keep the sharks at bay forever.
Though it seems you are determined to try….


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