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Taqaballah mina wa minkum

Upstairs a few moments ago ironing my husbands Jubba for Eid Salah and I can faintly hear the beautiful takbirat drifting over from the Masjid.
We are so blessed to be living in a place with so many Muslims, in such a beautiful and soft hearted community
I wont be attending Eid Salaat in the masjid this year, since the boys ( I guess someone told them today was EId, they were up at 3 rather than the usual 6!) were in desperate need of a nap, but In Sha Allah I will be making dua for all of you that your sacrifices be accepted and a blessing and expiation for you, That your sins of the past year be forgiven, and that you and I turn over a new page with Allah.takbeer


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