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I WILL kick your dog…

So…I may be about to offend some folks, but this seriously needs to be said.
I have had dogs. I grew up around them, had one as an adult, I have no fear of them.
As a Muslim, if i get the saliva or wetness of a dogs nose on me, I can’t pray until I’ve gone through an extended purification method involving dirt or dust and water. The same goes for my clothing.
A lot of people are terrified of dogs. I have met people who will not go on walks for fear of running into one.
I am seriously soo tired of having regular confrontations with dog owners when I have gone with my family to CLEARLY MARKED leash only areas, and they have decided since their dog is ‘friendly’ he/she doesn’t need to follow the Law like everyone else.
I don’t CARE if the dog is friendly. Thats actually problematic, because then they will likely try to come up and lick or sniff me.
My husband is NOT comfortable with dogs of any shape or size, My kids get scared by them, and I don’t know or trust you dog, stranger.
Its nothing personal, but my boys are strapped in a stroller directly at bite level. I will not risk letting your strange dog approach them.
Yesterday we took some time to visit a nice park as a family. I know its not an off leash area.
I checked.
I confirmed again with the sign at the entrance stating that city ordinance says ALLL dogs must be on leash at ALL times.
And within five minutes, a guy rides by on his bike with a husky mix. husky them proceeds to charge a grazing flock of geese and jump in the pond after them. Owner hops off his bike to take a picture. My husband is flabbergasted that he would not only allow the dog to terrorize the geese, but photograph it. We manage to leave the area while they are occupied.
We continue our walk and about twenty minutes later as we are enjoying the view from a grassy hill a man approaches with boxer, also off leash, who proceeds to CHARGE my husband. I yell across the field for the man to call his dog. Instead he yells “he’s very friendly!” as the dog turns towards my voice and charges me and my babies strapped in their stroller. I mentally prepare to kick this dog right in the mouth as i block the stroller with my body, stamp my foot and yell “GET!”. Dog, who does seem friendly (albeit poorly trained), drops his head and turns back to my husband. Owner has still failed to call the dog or assert any control. My husband is left dodging this dog, begging the man to call it, and trying not to run (since Ive taught him a bit about dealing with dogs, seeing as this is literally an issue every time we leave the house). I again yell at the man to call his dog and put it on a leash. Finally my husband gets away and we quickly leave the area.
Whats my point?
Dog owners, Have a LITTLE consideration.
Mine is mainly an issues of inconvenience, but i know so many people who are terrified of dogs. My husband and i were both attacked as children by supposedly ‘safe’ dogs.
Seriously, if i am out with my boys and your dog charges us, i WILL kick him into tomorrow with no guilt or hesitation whatsoever, and Ill have the full protection of the law in doing so.
Follow the law.
Put your dog on a leash.
Dont assume everyone likes or even isn’t terrified of your dog.
I don’t care how “friendly” he is.


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