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Aleppo Bleeding

I have a request. Take a moment or two to hop on Google. Do an image search for “Aleppo 2010” Take another moment to reflect on the true human reality of this. imagine walking or driving those street. kids skipping to school with cellphones in their pockets, families going out to dinner and to stroll… Continue reading Aleppo Bleeding

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On Seeing Color

I’m going to challenge something here. I saw a post recently repeating a concept I often hear espoused with pride (mostly by white mothers and fathers, though not exclusively so) A mother was discussing how, when her children describe someone to her, they are not to mention this person’s race/color/ethnicity. Honestly, I have an issue… Continue reading On Seeing Color

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Daily Prompt: Cheat

via Daily Prompt: Cheat A Cheat. A cheat might take your money. They might take your time, your energy, your possessions. A cheat might also try to take you. I don’t mean ‘you’, the physical tangible flesh ‘you’. I mean the YOU that is so much more than that. The YOU that aspires for eternity.… Continue reading Daily Prompt: Cheat