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Daily Prompt: Cheat

via Daily Prompt: Cheat A Cheat. A cheat might take your money. They might take your time, your energy, your possessions. A cheat might also try to take you. I don’t mean ‘you’, the physical tangible flesh ‘you’. I mean the YOU that is so much more than that. The YOU that aspires for eternity.… Continue reading Daily Prompt: Cheat

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This seems the only applicable word for my current state of mind. Maybe it’s the lack of sleep since my twins were born nearly a year ago. Maybe it’s the prolonged emotional and mental weariness of being asked the same droning questions, questions which should be hypophoric at this point, in such a rhetorical manner.… Continue reading Seething…

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Fearing fear itself

There is one aspect of fear en-mass that never ceases to disturb me: the ability we as human beings have to objectify ‘the other’. To turn ‘them’ into something so vague and yet dangerous that ‘they’ are no longer deserving of our reason, compassion, or simple human decency. We are not your enemy. We ARE… Continue reading Fearing fear itself